Mercury Free

Over 20 years ago I was confronted with my first dentist that had stopped using amalgam in his practice. When I asked him why he had stopped placing amalgam, he told me that he had hired a company to come and look for mercury in his office during a renovation. They had found it everywhere, even in the drapery. He decided then and there that he was done with the material. That experience was followed by a continuing education course that was taught by the foremost biomaterials expert in the dental field. In the midst of his lecture, he made a passing comment that he felt like the day was coming when placing amalgam could be considered malpractice. Well, that was that. I stopped placing amalgam and haven’t touched it in almost two decades. We live in a great time as far as materials and while for a long time we had very few options, now we have plenty. Fortunately, we now have materials now that don’t have the inherent risks of amalgam. At our office, we take seriously the responsibility to “do no harm” and I see no way that placing mercury a few inches from your brain makes any sense.

You don't have to have those unattractive silver amalgam fillings any longer.
New materials can restore your teeth without any visible evidence!

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